Maximise the contributions of Newham's Anchor institutions to tackle socio-economic inequalities

Our plan to address this step:

In-line with the North East London Anchor Charter:

  • Widening access to employment and training: As major employers, Newham Council, along with NHS trusts and Universities, can contribute substantially to the local economy by upskilling and employing local people and committing to inclusive practices.
  • Procurement for social value: The NHS and local authorities spend large sums of money on goods and services. This spending could be used more effectively to support local inclusive growth and reduce inequalities.
  • Maximising the social value of our buildings and land: The NHS and local authorities command a substantial amount of capital and physical assets. We should maximise their value for our local communities.
  • Supporting a greener and healthier future: Our health and the environment are inextricably linked. Therefore, mitigating our environmental impact can contribute to reducing health inequalities.

All of these actions will contribute to Newham’s Community Wealth Building Strategy.

Tracking progress:
  • Progress and implementation will be tracked through the North East London Anchor Charter monitoring framework
Who is involved:
  • Newham Council
  • NHS Trusts
  • Universities
  • Large businesses

Can you help?

We rely on the support from organisations and individuals to help us deliver our goals. We are on the look out for more partners who are able to support this step. Please email [email protected] to find out more.

Now is the time to act. Together we can make Newham a healthier borough.


Newham changemaker

Marie is chair of the North East London Integrated Care System, chair of Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust and chair of the NHS Race and Health Observatory. Her honours include Freedom of the London Borough of Newham and the Tony Cheeseman Award in recognition of her contribution to equality and the communities of East London. She was recently named on the 2020 Football Black List for her work with West Ham Foundation and as one of 80 most influential people in health due to her work on race equality.

“I am proud to have started my life in Canning Town and still live in the borough today. I have worked in health and care for over 20 years and voluntarily within the voluntary sector all my adult life. My ambition has always been to radically address the social injustice, inequity and health inequalities faced by the communities I live

within. I am specifically dedicated to reducing the health inequalities that exist within our borough, which have been pushed into the spotlight recently due to COVID-19.”

– Marie Gabriel CBE, Chair of the North East London Integrated Care System

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