Enable schools, youth zones and other young people settings to be health promoting environments

Our plan to address this step:
  • Empower schools to achieve Healthy Schools London accreditation
  • Scale up the ‘Living your best life’ transition to adulthood programme within all youth settings
  • Develop a programme of Newham Young Health Champions kick started with COVID-19 Young Health Champions
Tracking progress:
  • Number of schools accredited at bronze, silver and gold (Healthy Schools London Accreditation)
Who is involved:
  • Newham Council including children’s health service 0-19, HeadStart, Youth Empowerment Service
  • Schools
  • Voluntary, Community and Faith Sectors

Can you help?

We rely on the support from organisations and individuals to help us deliver our goals. We are on the look out for more partners who are able to support this step. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] to find out more.

Now is the time to act. Together we can make Newham a healthier borough.


Newham changemaker

Ben is Head Teacher of Kensington Primary School in East Ham, where 660 children attend. Ben also works alongside the Department of Education to support the wellbeing of education staff nationally and has also helped the Youth Sport Trust and BUPA Foundation create the Well Schools movement.

“We want our school to be a place everyone loves to be and health is an important aspect of that. We are all painfully aware of the physical and mental health challenges our young people face. Additionally, the vast majority of the time, when a child finds learning difficult, it can be linked to their emotional or physical health. The 50 steps provides the ideal framework for all schools to get involved to achieve one of our common aims – a child that learns about health will be better equipped for adult life.”

– Ben Levinson, Head Teacher


Newham changemaker

The Young Health Champions was established following research completed by the council’s Youth Empowerment Service exploring the issues young people are worried about. With the help of voluntary organisations, a group of 12 young people designed the Young Health Champions programme, which reaches out to the younger members of the community.

“As champions, we are here to share information between young people and the council. As young people, we have specific challenges and issues when it comes to health. We are a group which is often overlooked when services are being

developed or information is sent out. 50 steps is a way for us, as young people, to participate in a borough wide strategy for the first time, to let everyone know that we are doing our part to make Newham healthier.”

– Irshad, Youssef and Luis, Young Health Champions


Newham changemaker

In between studies, Neo works as a Young Facilitator for Aston Mansfield, a local organisation that supports children, young people and families. Using an integrated and community focused approach, their mission is to make lasting change, offering opportunity, community and inspiration. Neo’s role involves coordinating and helping young people to achieve a common objective, such as the execution of a social action project.

“Aston Mansfield gives young people the opportunity to make a genuine and positive

difference in their area. More people should get involved in supporting the health of the community because action has to start somewhere. People can feel that things need to change but not do anything - the 50 steps gives people the vehicle to be able to make that change.”

– Neo Clunis, Young Facilitator, Aston Mansfield


Newham changemaker

Florina is a Senior Worker at Shipman Youth zone, Newham Youth Empowerment Service. The service provides workshops, experiences and opportunities to learn and develop on topics around health and wellbeing.

The work Florina undertakes is crucial in enabling young people to develop skills for their own social, emotional, personal and social development, as well as practical skills such as cooking and exercise. Florina’s goal is to help provide them with skills now that will help shape their lives in the longer term when it comes to adult relationships, work, training and general health.

“By working together to look after one another to achieve healthy bodies and minds, our community will become stronger, healthier and happier. And that is a goal we can all aspire to.”

– Florina St Marthe, Senior Youth Worker

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