Support school readiness for all children

Our plan to address this step:
  • Define Newham’s definition of school readiness and develop a borough wide school readiness action plan
  • Increase uptake of Newham’s free early education entitlement for all 3 and 4 year olds, and eligible 2 year olds
  • Increase the number of 2-2.5 year integrated reviews
  • Work with early years’ settings, the CDS team (children with complex/additional needs) and parents/guardians to encourage and support out-of-school learning, including learning within the home
  • Expand Newham’s offer of support and strengthen referral pathways so that all children can access the support they need to prepare them for school
  • Expand the Healthy Early Years London (HEYL) programme
Tracking progress:
  • Percentage uptake of free early education entitlement
Who is involved:
  • Newham Council, including 0 - 19 Children's Health Service and Early Years

Can you help?

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Now is the time to act. Together we can make Newham a healthier borough.


Newham changemaker

Sarah is Headteacher at Kay Rowe Nursery School and Children’s Centre, which is a maintained nursery school. This type of school is part of Newham education history and has been promoting early years education for nearly 100 years. The schools are funded by the Greater London Authority and Newham Council to work as supportive mentors for private childcare providers.

“We know from long term research that if children get access to good quality early years education with trained practitioners, they will have better opportunities and life chances later on. However, we also know that early years education needs to be high quality and this is why the nursery schools are so important to the health and wellbeing of the community. I am really proud of our seven nursery schools who thrive to deliver excellent care for Newham’s children.”

– Sarah Porter, Headteacher

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