Support every resident around the determinants of their health through Well Newham

Our plan to address this step:
  • Create a community of practice for all link workers, clear in role and remit, a borough team with local neighbourhood and network based knowledge in local teams with specialist support
  • Train all frontline workforce in resident centred, strengths based approaches to support the health and wellbeing of residents
  • Advocate for the prioritisation of prevention for acute and long term conditions
Tracking progress:
  • Wide range of outcomes around prevention and support around mental health and physical long term conditions
  • Numbers of Health Champions
  • Number trained and enrolled in using Well Newham tools
Who is involved:
  • All Newham Wellbeing Partnership partners

Can you help?

We rely on the support from organisations and individuals to help us deliver our goals. We are on the look out for more partners who are able to support this step. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] to find out more.

Now is the time to act. Together we can make Newham a healthier borough.


Newham changemaker

Natasha works alongside GPs and other health professionals in six practices, by supporting patients with their non-medical needs. Any social related concerns impacting quality of life are within the criteria for referral into the service.

Natasha works with patients in a holistic way, assessing all areas of their life which could impact their overall satisfaction. Her role includes working collaboratively with the voluntary and public sector to ensure the patient has access to appropriate services.

“Humans are social beings, they are complex and require a social support network to survive. Some are not fortunate to be surrounded by healthy positive relations who offer encouragement to live their full potential. For some, they may lack

confidence to initiate change in behaviours. By providing time and effort needed to speak and work with members of the community, we can all witness a change in overall health. We can help people transform their lives for the better, through

education, accessible resources and supporting one another.”

– Natasha Sutton, Social Prescriber


Newham changemaker

Jacqui works in adult social care. One of her main roles is to reduce social isolation and loneliness in the borough. CNLW explore activities, groups and

support available in a local area and discuss ways to reconnect an individual to their community. Jacqui mostly works with older and disabled residents, putting together a six-week action plan, and monitoring progress by tracking improvements in the person’s health and wellbeing.

“Supporting health and wellbeing on a grass roots level is important. It will enable the development of targeted resources for local communities. By having a strong focus on prevention and supporting residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially in later life, will help reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and loneliness, creating better health and stronger networks.”

– Jacqui Pringle, Community Neighbourhood Link Worker (CNLW)

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