Our health is our wealth

With good health – both mental and physical – we can thrive at school, at work, in our family and community lives. When poor health takes its toll we suffer, not just from the pain and distress but the knock on to so many aspects of our lives.

Yet we can all be healthier. By taking a number of steps, both in our own lives, and in supporting those around us, together we can create a healthier place for us all.

While health fads come and go in the media, there is a mountain of evidence of what will really make a difference to our own health and the health of our communities and these determinants are what make up the 12 priorities.

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Step 01 and 02

Our 50 steps is a call to action to ourselves as the Health and Wellbeing Board for Newham and to the wider borough to draw on the amazing assets and opportunities we have locally. This is not a short term fix – together we can galvanise action to bring about lasting change.



Ensure we put health in all policies, using all our tools as partners of the Health and Wellbeing Board, to maximise the health of Newham’s population

Now is the time to act and make a difference. Together we can make Newham a healthier borough. What’s your step?



Working together to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our residents, both through direct impact of infection and the indirect impact on other aspects of physical and mental health, and social and economic wellbeing

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